William T. Donovan, PhD
Counseling (NY) and Life Coaching (DE)

What Issues I Help With

  Itís easy in life to get down on yourself, or to lose a healthy  sense of self-confidence. I can help you to look at the issues that underlie your self-image and help you to find strategies to assert yourself in healthy and productive ways.

Loss and Separation. A loss can bring on a crisis of major proportions in your life, like being in a storm without a sense of direction. Losing a job, a home, a promotion or anything else significant to you can trigger a whole host of related problems for your life. Being separated from the places or the ones you love because of distance or circumstance can likewise throw you into a tailspin. I can help you sort out the many factors that will help you to get a hold on your life once again.

Grief. Whether recent or long ago, the loss of a loved one can be a heavy, daily burden preventing you from feeling that life is good. Compassionate counseling can help you to find peace once again in your life while you honor the ones who have gone before you.

Relationships. Itís not always easy to keep relationships healthy and fulfilling. I can help you to handle your significant relationships, whether personal or professional. You can learn to communicate better with those who mean something to you.

Depression and anxiety. The stresses of life can sap your strength and take the joy out of your life. Difficult thoughts can over-run your mind. I focus on strategies to help you cope again, to settle your mind and deal effectively with lifeís difficulties.

Post-Traumatic Stress. You may have been through something horrific that keeps flashing back to you. You may have memories that never seem to fade or lose their sting. You may have unexplained feelings of anxiety, triggered at unusual moments. I can help these memories and feelings from having so much control over you.

Addiction.  Whether itís as simple as a habit or as ingrained as a full-blown loss of self-control, you will find compassionate yet firm guidance on dealing with the inner emptiness or bad feelings associated with all addiction. I am very familiar with 12 Step programs. Hypnosis is also available.

Coaching. Many people use counseling as a way of making their life richer, their motivations clearer and their decisions more on target. Learn how you can work toward a happier, more motivated you.

Spirituality. I can help you to explore lifeís deeper meaning and areas that touch on issues of belief for seekers of truth and people of all religions.

Christian counseling. This is available for those who wish this approach. You will find compassionate and knowledgeable guidance in the Christian tradition. I will not shy away from discussing your beliefs and values, and I will show your religious tradition utmost respect.