William T. Donovan, PhD, LMHC Counseling and Psychotherapy

Adults, Teens, Children, and Couples

Who I Help


Help for a wide range of ages

I serve children, teens and adults ages 8 and up with real caring and sensitivity. I understand that trust is the most important issue at every age.

Children in counseling need extra care and consideration. They see the world through different eyes, and often require a sense of play in order to show what’s bothering them. I know that patience is important here in order for a child to feel secure enough to open up.

Teens and young adults also need special attention. Often teens are resistant to speaking about themselves, but this can be overcome with patience and persistence so trust can develop. A counselor often has to be a mentor as well, and I am willing to do what it takes to help young people find their way through life’s difficulties.

Adults of younger, middle, or senior years have their own special needs corresponding to life’s current challenges. They are often facing difficult life choices and at the same time have others depending upon them. I know that only you can live your life, but I can help you see  and choose your options more clearly.

Parents these days often undergo a lot of stresses: finances, sexuality, raising children, emotional conflicts, abuse, anger, and many others. I can help you to face these issues with more clarity, and often to get the dialogue among family members going again. You may be able to have peace in your relationships and in your home once again.